Maria begins to create hell for Dr. Atwater. He and Cardamon visit Robert in the County Jail, where a chill is cast over their futures.

Evil’s reach is long.

It can stretch into the seemingly safest places. It chills the bones and sends shivers up our spines. We feel its presence with shudders and quakes.

And we know the cost of the lives it takes.

Robert is arrested for his crimes. And all appears to be getting better. But when Atwater and Cardamon try to find out what the orderly knows about the rest of the mystery, something that can’t be explained rationally intervenes.

The skeptic in Dr. Atwater is fading fast. How did Maria escape her cell? And what new horrors are in store now that the “Vermont Vampire” is again on the loose?

Things are really getting out of control at the Sanitarium, or they are slipping deeper into a darker control. And there may be no escape from it.

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  • Hayward Sanitarium is a Last Minute Production

    Hayward Sanitarium was produced by Last Minute Productions at LodeStone Media in Bloomington, Indiana. The series aired on National Public Radio twice and remains in syndication on community radio stations nationwide. Now considered a cult classic, the series broke new ground in audio theater production as one of the first digitally recorded and edited shows. Much of the series was recorded on location with live performances. The fear you hear may be very near.
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    Hayward Sanitarium episodes are also available for download on iTunes. Click here to get them as podcasts.