Outside, at night, in a cemetery: Hayward Foundation sociologist Dr. Halley Brooks and her team of paranormal researchers investigate legends of a razor-wielding apparition. Sometimes, scholarship can be murder.

What lies beneath may also walk at night.

Years ago, there was a barber who lost his mind and turned his razor on young, unsuspecting ladies. As if the horror wasn’t enough then, his ghost is said to roam among the monuments to this day in an old cemetery in a dark woods well outside of town.

The legends might seem hokey, but the local folklore is so full of ghost stories and sightings that they draw the attention of promising young scientist Halley Brooks. She’s put together a team of young researchers for a field school project.

Using experimental and sophisticated tools, they’ve set out to monitor the site and record any disturbances. Could this be the site that establishes once and for all that the netherworld actually exists and spirits walk the earth?

Or could the graveyard welcome them into its grave confines… forever.

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  • Hayward Sanitarium is a Last Minute Production

    Hayward Sanitarium was produced by Last Minute Productions at LodeStone Media in Bloomington, Indiana. The series aired on National Public Radio twice and remains in syndication on community radio stations nationwide. Now considered a cult classic, the series broke new ground in audio theater production as one of the first digitally recorded and edited shows. Much of the series was recorded on location with live performances. The fear you hear may be very near.
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