The fate of Hayward Sanitarium, and of Dermott O’Brien, are in peril. Dr. Atwater and Justin Cardamon plot a rescue attempt, and the FBI arrives to pay a visit to Dr. Brooks.

The triskele symbolizes the mystery of the Fraternitas.

Whatever evil stalks the sanitarium may not matter for Dermott O’Brien. He’s scheduled for severe treatment following his violent escapade. Convinced that O’Brien isn’t really mad, Atwater and his faithful friend Cardamon hatch a desperate plot to free him.

As much as they’ve tried to keep things quiet, the security problems can’t escape the notice of the FBI, especially when violent criminals escape and staff are dying. The conditions at Hayward Sanitarium are definitely out of control.

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  • Hayward Sanitarium is a Last Minute Production

    Hayward Sanitarium was produced by Last Minute Productions at LodeStone Media in Bloomington, Indiana. The series aired on National Public Radio twice and remains in syndication on community radio stations nationwide. Now considered a cult classic, the series broke new ground in audio theater production as one of the first digitally recorded and edited shows. Much of the series was recorded on location with live performances. The fear you hear may be very near.
  • Podcasts

    Hayward Sanitarium episodes are also available for download on iTunes. Click here to get them as podcasts.